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Terms and Conditions

“Money back satisfaction guarantee” Means we will deliver a full hour driving lesson with a DVSA Driving instructor. We will be punctual (sometimes drivers may be late or have to cancel lessons for reasons beyond their control) polite and professional at all times. Our instructors will not stop at shops, smoke, eat etc or talk unnecessarily on their phone. In other words you will receive a full hour instruction each and every lesson. If this is not the case we will refund you the full amount you paid for a 1hr lesson (you will only get a refund if you have a valid complaint of the last lesson you have take). We will not refund any test fees.

“Guaranteed pass” Means we will pay for your second test fee should you fail the first. We will only pay for 1 more test fee and you will receive no free driving lessons. You must be on and have paid for in full a Guaranteed pass course. You will only receive this free test if you take the first test (you don’t miss your test through a fault of your own) and are at test standard as advised by your instructor. You will have to pay for the use of the instructors car.

All Vouchers purchased have a 6 month expiry date.

Any prepaid lessons/courses must be used within 12 months of purchase

Any Intensive courses booked (less than 2 weeks) must be paid in full and  are non refundable within 1 week of course start date.

Passfaster Driving School accepts no responsibility for any cash payments made direct to instructors.

Your instructor is a self-employed franchisee of Passfaster driving school


The contract for driving tuition is solely between you and your instructor. You and your instructor are responsible for agreeing all matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons.

You must notify your instructor of any matters which affect your ability or entitlement to have driving tuition, for example, but not limited to, any lack, or loss, of a valid provisional driving licence.

Passfaster driving school acts as agent for your instructor in receiving your payments for driving tuition, other than payments made directly by you to your instructor. Where Passfaster Driving School makes bookings with, or supplies any information or documentation to you, or processes any payments for your lessons, they act as the agent of your instructor.


If you or your instructor wish to cancel a lesson a minimum of 48 hours prior notice should be given. Cancellations must be made directly between you and your instructor.

If you do not give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation, your instructor will be entitled to charge for the lesson(s) concerned. 

Payments and lesson bookings

You must pay for tuition in advance by using one of the following methods:

  • payment by credit or debit card online at
  • payment by credit or debit card by calling Passfaster Driving School on 01512802970 (refunds for untaken lessons will be granted within 12 months of purchase and will incur a 5% charge).
  • payment by cash, direct to your instructor.

    Passfaster Driving School has no responsibility or liability to you for payments made by other means, and further if you do pay your instructor directly by cash, cheque or card payment, You should obtain a receipt. Passfaster Driving School accepts no responsibility for any payments made direct to instructors.

    Price changes

    The price of lessons which have not been prepaid as part of a block booking may be changed at any time. You will always receive prior notice of such changes.

     The cost of prepaid tuition is based on the lesson price in force at time of booking, and will be honoured for 12 months thereafter irrespective of any price increase that may occur between the date of booking and when the lessons are taken. Any unused lessons remaining after 12 months have elapsed shall have any lesson price increase applied.

    Instructor training courses

    £500 cash back on all courses means When you complete and pass all 3 parts of course, you will be offered a position as a self employed driving instructor at Passfaster driving school, Once you have worked for 3 months and paid all your franchise fees we will refund £500 of the course fees paid. 

    Transferability of lessons

    You cannot sell or transfer lessons which have been purchased in your name to any other person without consent. 


    Your instructor, Passfaster Driving School are not liable to you for any loss or damage caused where, and to the extent that:

    • there is no breach of a legal duty owed to you by the relevant person or body
    • such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of such a breach any such loss or damage, or increase in the same, results from any breach or omission by you
    • any such loss or damage results from circumstances or matters outside of the reasonable control of the relevant person or body

    Your instructor, Passfaster Driving School shall not, in any event, be liable for losses relating to any business interests you may have including, without limitation, lost profits, loss of opportunity or business or business interruption.

    You are reminded that neither Passfaster Driving School are parties to the contract for driving tuition itself, which is between you and your instructor. This does not affect any liability that Passfaster Driving School may have for any loss or damage you may incur which is caused directly as a result of any breach (including negligence) by it or them of any legal duty owed by it or them to you.

    Nothing in these terms and conditions will affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer.

    Law applying to terms and conditions

    These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.