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Steve Spencer | Renault Clio (Automatic) – South Liverpool

Adi Number: 226977
Car: Renault Clio (Diesel) (Automatic)
Areas covered: L1, L2, L7, L8, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L24, L25, L26, L27

I passed first time with Steve Spencer. He was the nicest instructor I could have wished for. I felt more and more confident after every lesson. It took me two years to get to the point I am now after going through so much trouble with lockdown. Steve was so patient and helped me through every single aspect of driving. I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t recommend Steve anymore. Matthew Scregg

Hadn’t done any driving before my first lesson but my instructor Steve Spencer was very helpfull and made me comfortable from the first day. Always looked forward to the lessons with him. Would definetly recomend passfaster. Einar

Stephen Spencer is the best instructor out there. He creates a funny and stress free atmosphere and caters to your needs. He’s supportive and trustworthy and doesn’t teach you to pass your test but to drive PROPERLY! He’s thorough and wants best for his students and will commit to you if you’re willing to respect and listen and trust him. I may not of passed first time due to my own fault but he certainly gave me a motivation and a boost of confidence to try again. Does not make you feel bad or stupid but makes you understand and correct and better yourself!

Your Name:: Dylan Delamare
Instructor Name:: Steve spencer
Your Testimonial:: Ide like to thank Steve an I highley recomend him to someone who is serious about passing their test asap

Driving Instructor Steve Spencer

Not only have i just passed (not at the same time) he’s coached me through a job interview, mortgage application and and best buys in Aldi Gin!!

Don’t think I’d have ever seen it through till the end if it wasn’t for Steve.. persevered with those ‘left to go left and right to go right… if you know you know!’

Can’t actually believe I’ve passed. Not only that I’ve made a lovely friend, Will actually miss paying him £56 each week.

Name:: Carl
Instructor name:: Steve Spencer
Your testimonial:: Great value for money. My instructor Steve was friendly and very professional. Got me a pass first time.

Name:: Aron Julius
Message:: I have been learning how to drive with Passfaster for 8 months with an instructor named Steve Spencer and have passed my test today. Steve is an excellent instructor with warmth, character and undeniable professionalism. From the minute I started my lessons to now he has been clear, honest, supportive and engaging. The process of learning how to drive is extremely daunting and Steve has done an amazing job of allowing me to expand my skills, knowledge and confidence behind the weel. I feel like I have been taught properly and truthfully. I more than recommend Steve and PassFaster to any beginner drivers.

Instructor Name:: Steve spencer
Your Testimonial:: I’d like to thank Steve an I highley recomend him to someone who is serious about passing their test asap

My name is Ade I and my wife Sandra passed our driving test on the 10th and 11th of february 2014, Through the help of Steve Spencer and after several attempts with our former instructors. One thing I observed about steve is that he isnt greedy, and very patient, he is not after your money but after your success,. When the examiner pronounced I passed Steve was very happy with full of joy.Very patient guy that will take time to explain to you. He knew every secret behind driving to pass. I can assure you with your first or second attempt, you will pass and you cant miss him, it is like magic but its true this guy is good.I here by recommend him to every one that struggle to pass and new beginners. Try him today a trial will convince you, Steve Spencer is the only way to suceed fast. Steve on behalf of my wife and my humble self we say thank you and God bless you. from Akin ade.

Brilliant , Steve Spencer helped me get back my licence and pass my extend driving test
I would highly recommend Steve. Would like to say thank you Steve for all your help cheers
Kind regards

Testimonial: I would like to send huge thanks to Steve Spencer, my lessons where always enjoyable and i am so happy to have finally passed my test! thanks again Steve i will miss our fun lessons x Jennaya

Steve has made learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience! His humour and wisdom has proved invaluable and I\’m so grateful for all his support, advice and patience!! I’d highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to pass their test in a professional yet common-sense manner. Thanks for the ride Steve!! Holly Robb

My name is sunday okeke. I had my driving test on 13 January 2014. I was so happy to pass my test. although i will say, is because of stephen my instructor,He was so nice during my lessons with him, He possessed all the qualities of being the best teacher in the world, such as being patient, jovial,friendly,sincere,smiling and punctual. I will recommend him to anyone who wish to pass faster. Stephen knows how to teach very well and during his teaching you will enjoy it, as stephen is a lively man. people like stephen is what every driving school needs to make learners happy and also pass their exam at appropriate time. thanks so much stephen.

Thanks Steve Spencer you’re the only driving instructor out of 4 that has made me pass.John Johnson

Just like to say a big thank you to Steve Spencer for helping me pass my test first time and with only 1 minor fault. Steve is great to get on with and is a great teacher too,cheers ste. Joe Tipton

Passed test today, brilliant trainer, Calm, cool, he always says dont think about passing exam but drive carefully think about your family … Only 2 minors , Thanks Steve Spencer

If you are serious about passing you test then Steve is the man, he is a great guy to get along with also he is a great teacher. Paddy

I had a few lessons with steve and I found I learnt a lot in a short space of time, so if you was thinking on having lessons I would recommend steve definitely

Today I passed 1st time with Steve Spencer with only 4 minors, Steve was a real inspiration and he have me the confidence to believe in myself and achieve my goals, this my deserves an award for what he does, thanks for everything 🙂 !! Conor Thomas

Passed my driving test with Steve Spencer who has taught me so much and in a professional way of safe driving. He is a brilliant instructor to learn driving from as he will go through every step with you and always explaining, showing examples and correcting me on were I have went wrong and how to be better which increases my knowledge further. He also motivates me that makes me more confident and eager to drive. Plus he’s a funny guy who doesn’t stop telling jokes lol.

I highly recommend him and thanks Steve for your help and time carry on with the good work mern!!! I will miss you and your car.

Steve was awesome. What a genuinely nice guy, he made me feel 100% confident in my driving and was honest and clear with my objectives. I have already recommended Steve to others and will continue to do so!! Plus he does a cracking chicken impression! Thanks for putting up with me Mr Spencer!! Alison Cunningham

Just to say a big thank you to pass faster and steve spencer for the brilliant driver training i received.steve was very patient, helpful , very clear in communicating and allowed me a great atmosphere for learning an essiental skill in life the ability to instilling confidence an belief to get the most out of me was the key to my success.highly recommend pass faster and their instructors. Robbie Taylor

Hi Chris, I would like to thank Steve Spencer for making me pass my test on the 14th of jan 2013 wot a instructor I have been to a few but Steve made me feel good can u pass on my thanks to Steve and hope he has even more passes in the future thanks again peter