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Sarah Smith | Ford Fiesta (Female) – North Liverpool

ADI number: 690354
Car: Ford Fiesta (Petrol)
Areas Covered: L11, L12, L13, L14, L28 L36

I have just passed my driving test first time with Sarah Smith at Passfaster and I can’t recommend her enough. I was super nervous about driving, but Sarah’s calm and friendly teaching style put me at ease, and despite my nerves I really enjoyed learning to drive. Importantly, Sarah pushed me to make progress on every lesson, to face my fears and to believe in my own abilities. I always felt safe during my lessons and from day one, Sarah taught me to be safety conscious constantly aware of the road around me. I had some hairy moments but Sarah never gave up on me, constantly reassuring me and helping me to move forward. Can’t thank her enough and couldn’t recommend her more.

Sarah Smith, 5 star instructor ⭐️
Had Lessons with Sarah Smith starting in Summer 2019 and Passed first time in November of that year. Lessons were always fun with her and it never felt like I was wasting my time, she always kept me calm and confident whilst driving, always pushing me further each lesson and making me believe in my own ability. I never felt unsafe whilst driving with her as her persistence in teaching the importance of hazard awareness and safety conscience approaches instilled early on in our lessons and reinforced throughout allowing me consistently improve in my ability to identify and minimise risky behaviours in my own driving even now as a licensed driver. I felt I made great progress in every lesson with her and that the lessons were worth every penny. She was also very understanding and helpful when arranging lessons with her in the Autumn after I had moved back to uni away from Liverpool and I never felt like I was losing progress because of this when I would visit back for a lesson. She has also taught both my sisters who have also passed their tests first time and are now very competent and safe drivers who regularly take long road trips around the country. Besides all her great Qualities as a driving Instructor she is also a very kind, down to earth person who you can have a good laugh with without taking your eye off the Road. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Sarah (sorry the review is late!??) Nicholas Rhodes

I passed 2nd time with Sarah, when I first started my lessons I couldn’t even get out of my own road but with Sarah’s help and encouragement she turned me into a confident driver, if your looking for a driving instructor I would highly recommend Sarah, thanks again for making me believe in myself

Instructor – Sarah Smith
I passed my driving test last week. Sarah is a great teacher easy to talk. I started from 0 and was scared to touch the steering wheel))) Sarah and I quickly found a common language and she was able to choose the optimal tasks for each lesson. I can’t thank her enough for all that patience and detailed explainations over and over again))) Now I drive confidently and with pleasure. and that’s great!

Name:: Jack jones
Instructor name:: Sarah smith
Your testimonial:: Couldn’t ask for a better instructor , she’s got the patience of a saint would recommend her to anyone , thank you so much wouldn’t of passed first time without you ????

Name:: Jack
Instructor name:: Sarah Smith
Your testimonial:: I’m in my mid-20’s and I needed to get on the road ASAP. Sarah was an amazing instructor and without her I can honestly say I wouldn’t have passed 1st time. She built up my confidence in driving and was so easy to communicate with. From our first lesson I felt very comfortable with her which allowed me to progress at a relativity fast pace without feeling I was ‘out of my depth’ at any point. I’m now driving in a foreign on the other side of the world, and I’m completely confident in my own abilities and my awareness of the road all thanks to Sarah. I cannot recommend her enough to learners of all levels of experience and age.

Name:: Michael Nilsen
Instructor name:: Sarah Smith
Your testimonial:: Can’t thank Sarah enough having already failed once with another instructor this time around I was 100% confident I was gonna pass because of her guidance. Fun an professional lessons highly recommend Sarah to anyone out there thanks for getting me through all the best.

Name:: joseph head
Instructor name:: sarah
Your testimonial:: Im a 17 year old lad, I decided to take driving lessons as wanted to get to college and back without having to ask anyone. Sarah was my driving instuctor, she is amazing, she pushed and encoraged me to do my best and is so knowledgeable. When I first started I would not leave our little square or go into second gear… She was patient and gave me the confidence to actually believe I could pass my test. She motivated me to take my theory and encoraged me when I hit any hurdles. She became a friend as well as my instuctor. She is never bad tempered, never shouts (even when youve braked on a roundabout…) she is cool headed and such fantastic instuctor can not recomend her highly enough. With herr I passed my test and am a confident careful driver because of Sarahs instruction. Than you so very much for giving me my independance!!!! Best instructor you could possibly have

Instructor name:: Sarah
Your testimonial:: Sarah is a great instructor who helped me pass my test first time!! I quickly became more confident when driving through Sarah’s calm but informative approach to teaching, I would highly recommend Sarah to anybody wanting to learn how to drive 🙂
lynda head
Instructor name:: Sarah
Your testimonial:: I am an older driver and be it a reluctant one… Due to circumstances I needed to drive. Contacted Pass faster and I was put in touch with Sarah. From day one she is easy to get on with and be with, fantastic instructor. Will work with you at your own pace, building your confidence and supporting you. She never ever raises her voice or loses her patience and is very knowledgeable. She always remains supportive and calm even when you are panicking she understands then puts you back on track… She has been an amazing teacher and believes in you and motivates you. I began to enjoy my driving which is something I would never ever have believed. I passed my test first time and it is down to her, it has given me independence and freedom I needed. I am so appreciative or her patience and clear instruction would never have done it if not for her. Thank you so very much Sarah. Older reluctant drivers give them a call you wont look back…

David watson
Instructor name:: Sarah
Your testimonial:: I passed my manual driving test with Sarah blue ford fiesta (manual) – having driving lessons with Sarah was good she was very clear with her instructions and had loads of info if you was unsure about anything I would highly recommend taking driving lessons with her * 5 stars

Antony McCarrick
Instructor name:: Sarah Smith
Your testimonial:: I would like to thank Sarah personaly for helping me to pass my driving test. . And all her knowledge and experience were put to use helping me to pass. She remained very professional and calm . And this was vital when I became very nervous. I would highly recommend her as an instructor. She was Brilliant. Thanks again Sarah.

Name:: David
Instructor name:: Sarah Smith
Your testimonial:: Sarah was nice, friendly and a great instructor. taught me how to drive in quick time and help me pass 1st time. Thanks Sarah.