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John Wrigley | Vauxhall corsa (Diesel) – North Liverpool

Adi Number: 283880
Car: Vauxhall Corsa (diesel)
Areas covered: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L9, L10, L11, L12, L13, L14, L20, L25, L27, L28, L30, L32, L33, L34, L35, L36

Passed after my third go with John Wrigley, brilliant instructor and supportive too, highly recommend this company and john too.

Name:: Chris bragger

Instructor name:: John Wrigley

Your testimonial:: Just passed my test today. Can only put the pass down to my instructor John. Amazing when I 1st started my lessons thought he was being a little hard on me but 2 months down the line I realise why he was like this. Put things in your mind that stick with you & believe me them things come back to me today on my test. Would recommend anyone who has John as there instructor to take in what he has to say, it might seem he is having a go or being harsh but trust me he has your best interest at heart. Amazing service from the company aswell when I booked my lessons. Thumbs up all round ????

sadie Wright

My instructor John Wrigley is a really experienced and a fantastic teacher. Breaks everything down and makes it really easy to grasp. Pass faster as a whole weโ€™re great, really professional and quick to respond. Great driving school and canโ€™t recommend John enough!


Instructor name:: John Wrigley

Your testimonial:: I have had 3 driving instructors and basically they took the mick and dragged out my lessons. I paid for a crash course with John and 100% worth it and would recommend to anyone. John made me feel comfortable and confident in driving and makes sure you know the ins and outs of the car. Thanks so much for helping me pass my test John highly recommend him! He is a asset to passfaster. Thanks again.

Kriss Maguire
Instructor name:: John Wrigley
Your testimonial:: Passed 1st time with John. Couldn’t ask for a more professional instructor. Would highly recommend. Thanks John

Name:: Samantha Preston
Instructor name:: John Wrigley
Your testimonial:: Thank you so much john for being such an amazing instructor. I couldn’t have done this without you. You’re patient reliable and such a top guy. Anyone who is lucky enough to land you as their instructor has only got good things to come. Thank you so much for everything you done for me. Cheers buddy x

Name:: Abigail Morgan
Instructor name:: John Wrigley
Your testimonial:: I passed in summer 2014 with John! He was a great instructor and I really couldn’t of thought I could get a better instructor. He was calm and patient and the way he taught made it all seem so simple. I was a bag of nerves and John helped me get over my fear on the road.

Name:: Andrew Corkery
Instructor name:: John wrigley
Your testimonial:: I have just passed my test and its all thanks to john. I had about 20-25 hrs with john and they was the most comfortable lessons i ever had top guy explains everything if your not sure or dont understand he has a great way of getting it through to you nautural teacher THANKS JOHN

Name:: Andrew corkery
Instructor name:: John wrigley
Your testimonial:: A huge thank you to john some people are natural teachers and john is one of them help me through passing my test and has a skill set like no one else top instructer

Name:: Victoria carroll
Instructor name:: John wrigley
Your testimonial:: Passed my test 1st time never thought I would be saying that about myself ,all I can say is down to one man John wrigley so patient ,lovely man can’t thank you enough x recommend john 1000 times over does a fantastic job x

Your Name:: Jamie Smith
Instructor Name:: John wrigley
Your Testimonial:: Fantastic job done by John!!! No time for lessons so I booked 4 days off to do a 20hr course 3 days lessons 1 day test!!! Morning of my test he could see I was nervous an he put my mind right at ease!!! I passed first time with 1 minor “chuffed”!!! Words can’t describe how good John is at his job so I’ll just say thanks John you’ve changed my life!!!

I have recently passed my test with John Wrigley in less than a week! A very friendly & supportive instructor who I would highly recommend. Always on time for lessons and gave me confidence I will take with me on the roads! Thanks John. Stephen Garry

I did a 25hr course with John Wrigley, he was brilliant and helped so much with everything and made me feel comfortable and passed first time with three minor faults!
Katie Richards

Name: Gladuela Geci 
Testimonial: What a fantastic way to start to 2014!!! and a massive thanks goes to John for being the best instructor there is. He was patient with me, explained driving in such a easy manor and above all believed in me when I doubted myself. Thank you John for everything!!!! I would recommend this John to any body and he will make it his mission to get you through your test!

Massive thank you to Big John Wrigley. An proper gent and a fantastic instructor. Puts you in complete comfort an helped me to over come any nerves. Hes always on time, is patient at all times and gives you confidence to go out and enjoy you drive. Wouldn’t have been able to pass without him and will be recommending him to everyone i know.
One last thing you’ll never be short of a mint. Thanks again John.
Ryan Mckenna.

A massive thank you to john the best driving instructor there is! Couldn’t have done it without him i passed first time with only 3 minors he was really patient with me and helped me understand driving so much more I would recommend him to anyone!!

John was a fantastic instructor and great to learn with. From the moment you get in the car with him you’re at ease, and he manages to teach you to drive without you even realising! The first moment you notice you’re in complete control while John is chatting away is great, and his amazing patience helped me an awful lot while I was making stupid mistakes and going over things over and over again.
Matt Costello

I think I’ll have John’s voice in my head for many years to come while I’m driving – his teaching style is great and it really stays with you. We had a few really good laughs along the way and I feel confident driving on any road in any place now. It just takes a bit of time to learn and get your confidence up, something which John does exceptionally.

I had a fantastic time learning to drive with John; I picked up so many important skills, had an enjoyable time and above all came out of the other end as a safe driver (I hope!)

Thanks for everything John!

Three members of my family have passed their driving test since June this year and all three only have one person to thank, John Wrigley. John is a superb instructor, calm, supportive and focused. Once you start lessons with him, you know he is different, his aim is to get you your license. i started taking lessons in my twentys and through the years have stopped and started learning to drive, once i met John my outlook changed and on the 5th November 2013 fireworks sparked because i eventually achieved my goal, in five weeks time i am 51. I will recommend John to anyone and everyone so all you folks out there looking to learn to drive give John a ring. He is the best. Susan Mcguiness

After bring messed around by previous instructor, I phoned Pass Faster and they recommended John Wrigely! John is extremely patient, helpful and supportive. He helped me overcome my nerves and any fears that I had. He gave me the much need confidence that I needed to pass my test! He’s a great instructor and a lovely man too! Rachel Martin

After being fobbed off by previous instructor i was made aware of the company through a colleague currently taking lessons with a passfaster instructor. . I browsed the website and decide to book an intense course. . There i met the man who actually has now changed my life..John Wrigley… He is the perfect instructor and great teacher of his profession i cant praise him enough for the knowledge and patience he has !!! John helped me over come my nerves so much…was so patient and un a short space of time …. I passed FIRST time… Something last month i thought i was impossible in that timeframe….fits the course around you and is amazing …. Credit to you john !!! And thank you !! Xx kesley folksman

Would like to say a big Thank You to John Wrigley he is a brilliant instructor and after 27 hours Passed 1st time with 2 minors, He really boosted my confidence and made me feel at ease I have already started recommending John to friends and to anyone else wanting to learn to drive ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again John. Lauren Rutherford

I passed with John Wrigley after just 25 hours driving. He is an excellent driving instructor has a tonne of patience and explains everything clearly would recommend him to everybody.
Thanks John Christina Keeley.

A huge thank you to John after getting me through my test on my first attempt after just 20 hours! Would recommend John to anyone, really easy going and patient! Helped an awful lot with my nerves and constantly reassured me I could do it. Thanks again John ๐Ÿ™‚ Chloe Smith

A massive Thank You to John – 1 and only instructor anyone will ever need! I was so nervous & he has been amazing! 20hrs later and I’ve passed! Thank You Sarah Ferris

After being let down by my previous instructor a week before my test was due, John helped to overcome my nerves and after having a few sessions with him I passed my test second time. He made me feel really comfortable and the lessons did not seem like a chore, I am really thankful for all his help and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Sandra Krawiec

Calling Passfaster after failing my third test was the best decision I could have made. I needed to pass in a hurry and had already had around 40 hours worth of lessons with another instructor. I called Passfaster on a Monday and within 2 hours of my call a test had been booked for Thursday of the same week and I had a call from John Wrigley to arrange lessons for the following two days! I had 4 hours instruction with him over three days and then passed my test. John is patient and understanding but will also make sure that you are aware of your errors and adapts his teaching to help you implement any changes. John has taught me not just how to pass my test but also how to drive safely afterwards – not bad for four hours work. Thanks John, can’t thank you enough! Laura Phythian

After nearly a years absence and a failed test, John was a dream teacher-didn’t mind if I wanted to re-do manoeuvres regardless of if I’d got them right , he put up with my moaning an built my self confidence right up ! Passed my test this morning after 8hrs of lessons – cudnt of had a better instructor an have already started recommending him to mates ! Thanks so much John !! Jo ๐Ÿ™‚ Joanne Hawkins

just wanted to say a big thank you to john for all his help and support i passed with 3 minors, i looked forward to lessons with john I would highly recomend john wrigley, he explains everythink well and makes things simple, couldnt of asked for a better instructor money well spent, john has give me the confidance to drive and feel safe on the roads
thanks again john x claire wish

Passed my test very confidently after having lessons off John. He made me feel very confident and worth every penny. Would highly recommend to anyone. Once again thanks John, couldn’t of done it without you. Hannah Jones.

Thanks to John Wrigley I passed first time after only one week with him. I had about 30 hours before with another instructor but was not confident at all and with only a week until my test I contacted passfaster and changed instructors to John. Best thing I ever did. He knows all there is to know about driving and how to teach driving. Hes positive and patient and he actually cares about you passing unlike other instructors who just want more hours out of you.
I would recommend him to anyone I went from having zero confidence with my driving to having a pass certificate within ONE week thanks to John. He also provides mints. Jenny Clinton

Past my test on 20th sept 2012 at norris green, so happy!! John my driving instructor was fab from the beginning. i had lessons with another school and had some bad habits and had no idea how to do the manoeuvres! John made me feel confident when I was driving and showed me that the manoeuvres are the easiest part!! I found that the fast past course really helped as i was on the road every other day and this really helped my confidence. I felt ready for my test because I knew I could drive. Obviously I was nervous but my instructor kept telling me to believe in my self and i fricken passed! …. im over the moon!! 
Jennifer Campbell

John explained things in a different manner to other instructors I had in the past, his analogies of safety where gripping. I listened, concentrated on what he had taught me an passed with two minors after ten lessons. Lovely man who’s common sense approach enabled me to pass my test, cheers mate.

David Anderson

I had failed a few tests and decided to try a different instructor, John was fantastic and after 4 hours of lessons which were different to others I had, I passed, I am so happy and would recommend John to everyone. Kate Howard

John was a fantastic instructor, he was really direct with me and told me what needed to be done in a very basic way. 
passed 1st time with 5 minors, thanks to John and also passfaster. 
Jamie Leyland