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Eddie Donn | Mercedes (Diesel) – South Liverpool

Adi Number: 92579
Car: Mercedes B180 Amg 1.5 Deisel
Areas covered: l1,l7,l8,l15,l16,l17,l18,l19,l24,l25,l26,l27,l36

Name:: James mccully
Instructor name:: Alan Callahan
Your testimonial:: After years of having various different Driving instructors and not feeling confident, or being able to move past a certain stage in Driving I gave up.

I decided to try again and spoke to passfaster alan called me and met me as soon as I was avalaible, he made me feel at ease and structured his lessons around what I needed to improve on and I quickly progressed. Alan was available when I was free and always made time to make me feel at ease.

Within weeks I was test ready. I passed my test first time and went into the test confident I would pass due to alan’s advice and help over the previous weeks.

I would recommend alan to anyone who is starting to drive or needs to improve or driving.

Thanks again alan!


Name:: Danny
Instructor name:: Eddie Donn
Your testimonial:: Eddie is an excellent driving instructor. He helped me to pass my test in 6 weeks with 30 hours of lessons.
He’s was very attentive, making me aware of every mistake I made and helping me to correct it, so when it came to my test I sailed through almost flawlessly.
I was probably a little hasty booking my test, as I was due to leave the country shortly after, but Eddie helped me to put in the hours and get to where I needed to be in order to pass.
I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, and can’t recommend him highly enough.

Name:: Peter Stoba
Instructor name:: Eddie Donn
Your testimonial:: I’ve just passed my test first time with Eddie after 25 hours! He’s a really experienced instructor, down to earth, patient and good at explaining things.