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Alan Callaghan | Renault Clio (Diesel) – North Liverpool

Adi Number: 293466
Car: Renault Clio (diesel)
Areas covered: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, l6, L7, L8, L9, L10, L11, L12, L13, L14, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L20,L21, L24, L25, L26, L27

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I passed first time yesterday morning with Alan Callaghan. Just want to say a big thank you to your company and Alan Callaghan. And I will highly recommend you to anyone of my friends in the future

Passed my driving test last week with instructor Alan Callaghan, I was a nervous driver at first and he stuck with me and had the patience of a saint. Worked on any and all issues I had and gave me much more confidence and the tools to keep calm and drive safely. Can’t recommend highly enough, thankyou, Alexander Reynolds

My driving instructor was Alan Callaghan. He was my second instructor and made me feel comfortable and at ease quickly after changing instructors. Very easy to speak, made it easy to learn, and was a great teacher overall! I would highly recommend Alan and passfaster!

My instructer was Alan Callaghan

We got on great and he knew that I was a bit nervous as I had failed my test a couple times before a few years ago. But he put me at ease and reassured me that I COULD drive, I just needed to relax a bit.

I finally passed and aant to thanl Alan a lot for not giving up on me! I will miss having someone to share Westworld theories with though.

I learned with Alan Callaghan, he’s an excellent instructor, professional and straight to the point.
I started taking my driving lessons in Liverpool city as I was sent there by my employer for a short IT project. During the driving course I was told by my employer that within a month I will be sent back to London for another project. This has put my learning effort in danger of being wasted. But as soon as I informed Alan about my employer’s decision, he knew what to do and realised that there need to be a change in plan. So, he squeezed my learning timeline and intensified his effort to try to get me up to test standard in the shortest time possible before the end of the month. This is where PassFast driving instructor’s quality kicks-in, Alan was able to deliver precise and straight-to-the-point driving knowledge based on the long experience he has as a driving instructor. Alan also has the right skills to calm your nerves down on test day, he has all the answers to the questions that goes through your mind when you’re nervous. Now, I’m so relieved and the headache of getting a driving licence is off my agenda.
(Thanks Alan)

A massive thanks to my driving instructor Alan Callaghan for getting me to test standard and passing my test with two minors. Alan was recommended by two of my colleagues who both passed first time with Alan as their instructor. Alan is very easy going, insightful and helped build my confidence throughout my time learning and I’d completely recommend him to anyone considering taking lessons with Pass Faster.
Your testimonial:: Alan was a brilliant instructor, after learning to drive for 5 years on and off with several different instructors he was definitely the best person to learn with. Alan is dead easy going and so easy to get along with which makes what could be a stressful experience really enjoyable. Would recommend Alan to anyone, he’ll give you the confidence and skills you need to pass!

Your testimonial:: I passed last week with Alan! i can’t thank him enough for all his support and guidance. Really down to earth with loads of banter, makes you feel confident when driving. Will miss Alan became like a friend in the end! Thanks Al! Lisa X

Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan

Your testimonial:: Alan was the 4th driving instructor I had, after doing driving lessons on and off for many years. I failed my test in Leeds and came back to uni in Liverpool, and met Alan. He was by far the best instructor, evidently, as I passed the second time around. Alan restored my confidence and didn’t make lessons seem like a chore. He is a lovely, genuine man and should be considered a huge asset to pass faster. Would recommend without hesitation! Thank you again! Gin.

Name:: Aimee Louise berrisford

Instructor name:: Alan callaghan

Your testimonial:: I’d never drove a car before I started with Alan, and I’ve just passed my test this morning after around 18 hours. He is absolutely brilliant, he has made me more confident and supported me the whole way, I would defiantly reccomend him to others who wants a quick pass not only is he such a lovely easy going guy, but a fab instructor!!! Can’t thank you enough. Xx

Name:: Denise McIntyre

Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan

Your testimonial:: Just wanted to say a big thank you to Alan. Passed my driving test yesterday and I’m over the moon! Thank you Alan for completely putting me at ease, helping me overcome my issues with reversing, teaching me how to drive in normal life, not just to pass a test, and making me feel confident about it. Alan is a friendly, experienced driving instructor, genuine nice guy and I’m so pleased I used this course to get on the road! Thanks again, Denise x

Josh Miller

Instructor name:: Alan Callahan

Your testimonial:: Passed with Alan after only a handful of lessons. Great instructor, top fella and most importantly an Evertonian. Would highly recommend.