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Our Driving Instructors

All our driving instructors are Fully qualified and approved by the DSA (driving standard agency). Below is a list of their names and their ADI (approved driving instructor) number.

Please click here to find out more about Approved Driving Instructors. We are also members of The Liverpool Driving Instructors Association.

Instructors availability may be limited, some car types may be incorrect.

Alan Callaghan | Renault Clio (Diesel) – North Liverpool

Andy Spencer | Vauxhall astra (Diesel) North Liverpool

Brian Bauress | Ford Fiesta (Diesel) – South Liverpool

Chris Browne | Hyundai i20 (petrol) – South Liverpool

Colin Gavan | Renault Clio (Diesel) North & South Liverpool

Denis Judge | Ford Fiesta (Petrol) North Liverpool

Don Peake | Suzuki Beleno (Petrol) North & South Liverpool

Eddie Donn | Mercedes (Diesel) – South Liverpool

Frank Floyd | Vauxhall Corsa (Petrol) – South Liverpool

Graham Campbell | Ford Fiesta (Diesel) – South Liverpool

Ifty Khan | Ford Fiesta (Diesel) – South Liverpool

Jackie Wood | Nissan Micra (Female) – South Liverpool

Jaimie Maloney | Ford Focus (Automatic) (Diesel) (Female) – North & South Liverpool

Jill Sinclair | Ford Fiesta (Female) – South Liverpool

John Dunn | Ford Fiesta (Diesel) – South Liverpool

John Heuston | Vauxhall Corsa (Automatic) – South Liverpool

John Howard | Citreon C4 (Diesel) – South Liverpool

John Keehner | Ford fiesta (Diesel) – North Liverpool

John Wrigley | Vauxhall corsa (Diesel) – North Liverpool

Kevin Brannan | Vauxhall Corsa (Petrol) – North Liverpool

Kevin Ogara | Ford Fiesta (Automatic) – North Liverpool

Mal Fay | Ford Focus (Automatic) – South Liverpool

Mick Williams | Honda Jazz (Automatic) – North & South Liverpool

Mike Wells | Ford Fiesta (Diesel) – South & North Liverpool

Nicola Orme | Vauxhall Astra (Female) – North Liverpool

Pam Labio | Citreon C3 (Diesel) (Female) – North Liverpool

Paul Quale | Renault Clio (Diesel) South Liverpool

Peter Anderson | Ford Fiesta (Petrol) – South Liverpool

Rob Ryan | Citreon DS3 – South Liverpool

Sarah Smith | Ford Fiesta (Female) – North Liverpool

Stephen Gurney | Nissan Duke (Diesel) – South Liverpool

Steve Roberts | Mazda 2 – South Liverpool

Steve Spencer | Renault Clio (Automatic) – South Liverpool

Steve Wainwright | VW Polo – North Liverpool

Tahira Jabeen | Toyota Yaris (Female) – South Liverpool

Terry Wood | Nissan Micra (Petrol) – South Liverpool

Vinnie Crewe | Citreon DS3 (Automatic, petrol) – North Liverpool