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About the Course

Passfaster Driving Instructor training courses are set out in 3 parts. Firstly you will need to apply to the DSA to see if you can become a driving instructor. After you have been successful in your application your can start your training for part 1 of the course. This part of the course is home study. When you have passed part 1 we will then start your training for part 2 which will involve one to one in car training.

After you have passed part 2 you are able to apply for a trainee licence which will enable you to start working as an instructor and also start earning money. You can take as many or as few lessons as you wish depending in how quickly you want to become an instructor. We will tailor the course to suit your needs and we can fast track you in order to get you qualified asap. For more info on each part please click the links below.

Part 1
Theory test and hazard perception test

Part 2
Extended driving test

Part 3
Test of Instructional ability.