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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my lessons?

You can pay online/phone or pay the instructor in cash.

Can I be picked up from work/school etc?

You can be picked up anywhere and dropped at end of lesson in a different place if you want.

If I dont want to take the lessons anymore can I get a refund?

Yes we will provide a full refund on any unused lessons.

Can I choose my instructor?

Yes you can choose your instructor.

How quickly can you get me a driving test?

We can get driving tests normally within a couple of days.

If I book a block of lessons or a fast pass course do I need to take the lessons all together?

No, you can take your lessons whenever you want.

What does Guaranteed pass mean?

If you fail your first test we will pay for 1 more test for you

Check out our terms and conditions here.